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      ? 1984, the school run factory,the earliest enterprise in the voltage regulator of automotive electronic products development and production.
      ? 1998, Huanxing Aotomobile electronic Co.,Ltd established;
      ? 1998, for Chinese FAW supporting;
      ? 1999, the First enterprise in the same industry through the ISO9002 quality management system certification;
      ? 2000, For Shanghai Valeo, DFAC Xiangfan supporting;
      ? 2000, the host China internal combustion engine electrical appliance branch meeting;
      ? 2001, achieved the high-tech enterprise of Hebei province;
      ? 2001, achieved the ISO9001 certification;
      ? 2004, the factory in Changli Industrial Zone was completed and put into production, covers an area of 30000 square meters;
      ? 2005, for Huachuan company supporting;
      ? 2005, successfully hosted the Chinese Electrical Appliance Association fifth annual meeting;
      ? 2007, successfully developed multi-function regulator with LRC, FR, S, multi section C ,RVC  functions, and got a new technology patent;
      ? 2007, achieved TS/16949 certification;
      ? 2008, achieved excellent supplier by Huachuan company;
      ? 2009, was listed as key support enterprise by Qinhuangdao;
      ? 2012, for the third factory supporting in Zhejiang Yuyao;
      ? 2012, Halla electrical equipment Co.,Ltd inspected Huanxing, developed more than a dozen products and production;
      ? 2013, Wuhu Generator inspected Huanxing, a variety of sample passed the test and small patch production;
      ? 2014, USA Remy inspected Huanxing, made intervention program of high-end products;
      ? 2014, signed high-end production developing agreement with Taiwan E-vehicle and production;
      ? 2014, Hebei Ridong Automobile electronics Co.,Led was completed, the total investment was $12000000.


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