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Automotive Internet era interpretation of BMW driving system

OFweek electronic engineering Reuters: BMW i just electric cars, it will a future concept for everyday all-electric car, the innovative mobile transportation services, public short-distance transport and new understanding of sustainable development in conjunction together. An important component of this concept is the newly developed BMW i drive interconnection services, all of which will interconnect all of these components together seamlessly, and to achieve an intelligent, comprehensive and sustainable development of mobile transportation experience.

Automotive electronics era interpretation of interconnected drive system BMW BMW i BMW i navigation systems and Internet service connected to it is designed for driving easy and comfortable to drive as BMW i design. Core navigation system is BMW i Mileage Mileage assistant with dynamic maps, it would have all the important factors associated with Directions were considered: battery power, driving style, terrain conditions, traffic conditions and routes. BMW driver in the Internet real-time traffic information, even on the BMW ECO ROUTE server optimization. First would be to predict traffic flow and real-time calculate the most efficient route. The next available charging stations will always show up for you. In addition, BMW i navigation system will route through intermodal services for public transport to be considered, displays the current timetable and guide you to free parking nearby.
Automotive Internet era interpretation of BMW driving system for iOS and Android system remote assistant BMW i will show you your current BMW i vehicles detailed status information, such as vehicle location, mileage and battery, and the door is locked whether the lights have been reported related services and information. You can start the charging process by a timer remote weeks, so that the air conditioning system and remote start on time before the journey is activated. Mileage dynamic map will also be integrated into BMW i remote assistant. Travel destinations (points of interest) and location of the charging station can be very easily transmitted to the car directly from the application. BMW i remote assistant also various trips to BMW i models make efficiency measurements, and gives useful tips on how to make cars more efficient movement and how it can be extended mileage. Every journey efficiency value in accordance with the requirements can anonymously share and compare with others.