12 Volt, A-Circuit, I-S-A Terminals, 14.5 Vset, w/ LRC White
For: Ford 3G Series IR/IF Alternators
Used On: Ford (1995-2000) , Ford - Europe (1993-2002) , Mercury (1995-2002)
Replaces:FORD F5RU-10316-BA, F5RZ-10316-A, F5RZ-10316-B, GR818, GR819
Features:  Lamp activated
Transpo: F786
USI: 71-2000612 Volt, A-Circuit, I-FR-A Terminals, 14.4 Vset, 7 sec. LRC, White w/ Orange Cover
For: Ford 6G Series IR/IF Alternators
Used On: (2004-00) Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury
Replaces:Ford XS7U-10C359-BA
Note: Field recovery diode circuit to protect ECU.
Regulator shutdown with loss of sense (A) or light (I) connection.
FR provides feedback to vehicle PCM.
Transpo: F603
USI: 71-20015